Transforminghealthcarewith Web3

KERC is a Real World Assets crypto project focused on healthcare, the world’s biggest industry. We use Web 3 and our proprietary tools to enhance patient outcomes, increase profitability, and improve the way healthcare facilities operate.
Clinics acquired and operating
Revenue increase per clinic
Paid out to stakers

What we do

We're innovating the healthcare industry in SE Asia

Strategic Acquisitions
We acquire established healthcare facilities with untapped potential then unlock their true value.
Cutting-Edge Solutions
We implement state-of-the-art Web 2 and Web 3 solutions that streamline operations and optimize resource allocation.
Enhanced Performance
We stimulate growth and elevate efficiency improving revenue and healthcare outcomes by 30% or more.

Invest in KERC

Discover the future of passive income

Earn effortlessly from the healthcare industry without any management headaches.

  • Earn revenue from real-world sources.
  • KERC owns and operates medical clinics.
  • Stable and growing staking payouts.
  • Revenue from one of the fastest growing healthcare markets.
  • Proven management team

How to get started

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Enjoy the benefits

Our current initiatives

200% APR Pool - KERC Holders Generate Even More Passive Income
KERC has identified aesthetic clinics we can improve using our proprietary strategies and tools. These clinics offer higher profits than our standard medical clinics. KERC holders can participate in the profits from these clinics and receive a 200% annual return.
KERC Partners with Singapore based CEX Coinstore
KERC is now listed on Coinstore, a CEX with more than 6M users, with 73% located in SE Asia. The partnership includes a listing, on-the-ground events, and access to partners, investors, VCs, and other CEXs, providing KERC significant benefits now and in the future.


  • OG-Sale
  • CEX Listing
  • Hard Sale
  • Raffle Draw
  • 3x Pool is Live
  • KERC Chain WP
  • MVP testing of token payment system
  • MVP testing of Blockchain health records
  • New X Pool Launch
  • Raffle Audit Trip
  • Team expansion

Meet the team

joyerlah (John)
joyerlah (John)
John has distinguished himself in the healthcare and technology sectors with more than ten years of experience. He is a co-founder of a private equity fund, leading the charge in negotiations and the successful merging of companies. His expertise in Corporate structures has been a key factor in enhancing the fund's prospects and valuations, contributing to the profitable exit of several projects.
snorkypie (Steeve)
snorkypie (Steeve)
Founder & CTO
Steeve has a deep and long background in tech and has been programming in a plethora of languages ranging from C/C++ to TypeScript. He got started in -96 and landed his first programming job in -99. Programming is still his passion and he currently enjoys building smart contracts and dApps on EVM chains. His last position was at a prominent fintech company.

Join the KERC Healthcare Revolution

Real Revenue From A Real Business
KERC is a Real World Assets business and proven revenue generator that pays out each month.
Focus On Innovation And Improvement
KERC uses next generation tools and strategies that improve healthcare and saves lives.
Recession-Proof Industry
The healthcare industry has grown every year for the past 100 years and projects double digit growth in SE Asia where KERC does business.