Redefining Healthcare:

Join our Web3 Healthcare Reformation

Are you a visionary investor? Here is a unique opportunity to not only earn substantial long-term financial rewards, but also make a profound impact on the lives of those in desperate need of medical services.

$KERC bridges traditional healthcare using proprietary innovations and transforms sustainable incomes into crypto profits. Unlock sustainable high-yield ROI.

Future with KERC: Healthcare Meets Crypto
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The Future of Healthcare

Sustainability Unleashed: Recession-Proof Industries
Healthcare is a highly recession-proof business through any economic situation.
Healthcare Tokenization: Healthcare Payments
Users will be able to pay for healthcare services through $KERC tokens.
Technology Ecosystem: Data and Intelligence
Users will control their health data and providers will get better business intelligences.
Disrupting a Trillion-Dollar Industry: Reforming Payors
Reforming healthcare payor and insurance system through outpatient memberships.

Who We Are

Discover the Future of Healthcare Income

Earn effortlessly from healthcare businesses without any management headaches. Enjoy stable, appreciating assets, inflation protection, fixed incomes and profit participation potentials.
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Our Roadmap

KERC Strategy and Project Plan

Q3 2023
  • Finalizing deployment contracts
  • Completing preparations for contract signing with business sellers
  • Conducting KYC process with Audit Company
  • Hosting an official launch event
  • Conducting a pre-sale with a bonus token airdrop
  • Undertaking a thorough contract audit with Solidproof
  • Launching the staking site
  • Successfully closing and signing business purchases
  • Releasing the OTC system
  • Hosting an official visit by a raffle winner selected from KERC holders for an audit and site visit
  • Distributing the first payout and conducting a token airdrop
  • Celebrating the official launch of the Clinic Automation System
  • Continuously acquiring income-generating assets on a monthly basis
Q4 2023
  • Introducing a cutting-edge Telemedicine service for seamless e-consultation
  • Implementing an efficient e-Prescription system for convenient medication delivery and/or self-collection
  • Initiating the process of obtaining Pharmacy Distribution Licensing for enhanced operations
  • Expanding partnerships with Institutional Payors such as insurance companies and corporate programs to drive growth
  • Hosting an official visit by a raffle winner selected from KERC holders for the audit committee and an immersive site visit experience
Q1 2024
  • Introducing our innovative Token as a convenient method of payment for patients, enhancing their payment experience.
  • Stay tuned for exciting updates and future developments in our pipeline.

Our Team

The Leadership Team

Founder & CTO
Head of Finance and Operations